About us

Since its  founding in 1991 Fontana has specialized in agricultural machinery export.  In 1999  it started  also to produce various components and tools for agricultural machinery as are:

  • Knives and other cutting componets for feedmixers
  • Knives for ballers and loading trailers
  • Knives for straw grinding machines, .....
  • Knives for straw choppers
  • Knives for Kemper machines
  • Knives for forage harvesters
  • Knives for silo cutters
  • Others

During its existence Fontana has became one of the biggest manufacturers in this range of goods in  Central Europe. Our main customers are producers and commercial companies  in Europe, Israel and South Africa.

For manufacturing the high quality products, the newest knowledges and production methods are used  in our  production process as are: materials , technology processes, surface treatment procedures using powder metals bindered with tungsten carbide particles.

Fontana specializes also in the production of components for feedmixers

  • Screws  for horizontal and vertical feed mixers
  • Conveyers
  • Cutter cylinders, and so on

We Specialize also in the complete  Service  & Repair /Rebuild of Feed Mixers

Commercial activity includes sales of
Vertical feed mixers   ......

  • Horizontal feed mixers
  • Storage and slurry tankers
  • Slurry pumps and mixers Veneroni

In the year 2004 Fontana was certified to ISO 9001/2000 : Production and sales of agricultural machinery and components


FONTANA, a. s.

Mokraď 498
Dolný Kubín
026 01


Phone:  043-5864064
Fax:    043-5864063

Email: fontana.dk@mail.t-com.sk


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